Media Bias

I am sick of all of the claims and counter-claims of media bias, and whether or not it exists. Those who deny the existence of media bias probably believe that we never landed on the moon, and that Elvis is still alive. Of course all of the media outlets deny it, but it is so blatant as to be laughable. The days of “just the facts” reporting are gone. Each media outlet is competing in a highly competitive field for your attention. To do it, they have to stretch the boundaries of journalistic integrity, Aw hell, who am I fooling, they have thrown out integrity and ethics long ago! Today, the best we can do as media consumers, is to choose which propoganda we want to hear. Even that may not be a bad thing though. For instance, “back in the day”, a president’s family life was considered to be off-limits, and all of the reputable news media honored that. Today, anything is fair game if it “puts butts in the seats”. Is that bad? Maybe not. As sleezy as it is, I like to think that our elected officials should be held to a higher standard. After all, if he will cheat on his wife and taxes, and act in a way that threatens his entire family unit, what makes you think he won’t hesitate to screw you and I if it benefits him? Now, if everyone were intelligent enough to see and understand how this new media bias works, then everything would be fine. You simply watch CNN for thirty minutes, and then flip over and watch FOX for thirty minutes. Now you divide the BS factor by 2, and extrapulate to the finest soundbite, and somewhere in the middle is the truth, or at least a reasonable facsimile thereof. The problem is, we have too many cool-aid drinkers, both cherry and blueberry flavored, who are perfectly content to be spoon-fed whatever their chosen distributer has on the menu for the day.

WAKE UP SHEEPLE!! Don’t let talking heads do your thinking for you!

Oh yea, and one more thing; I don’t care if you are a successful actor, entertainer, or whatever. Unless you graduated with a degree in Political Science, I DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR OPINION!

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First Post/Yard Spam

I am trying to keep things light before I go off the deep end, so I chose this topic to start. Every Thursday morning, I walk out to my vehicle to leave for work, to find the latest issue of “Yard Spam” lying in my driveway. You know, the sales adds, stuck into a plastic bag, and distributed under cover of darkness? Really? In this day and age, with 300 channels on TV, Satellite Radio, the internet, and smart phones, someone still thinks that this is a good marketing idea? I have been waging a running battle with the distributer of this crap, trying to convince them that I do not want their service. I started by sending a nice email, asking them not to throw this stuff in my yard. I then sent another, stating that if they persisted, I would press charges on them for littering. After all, if I throw a newspaper out of the window as I go through a neighborhood, would I not get a ticket? After several more stern emails, I have finally threatened them with a lawsuit, although I hold no real hope of any success. And yes, I know that I sound like the cortchety old geezer who yells at kids to stay off his lawn, but it is now a test of wills. While I know that in the big picture, this seems pretty trivial, it is a principle with me. Why is one mans “litter”, another mans “Marketing Tool”? And if you happen to like getting these deliveries, hey, more power to ya, but shouldn’t I have the right of refusal? Oh well, if you are still here, I promise to tackle all the worlds problems in time. Just had to get this outa the way first! On the plus side, if I am this passionate about something as menial as this, you know that politics are gonna really set me off!

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Hello world!

Welcome to! This is your very first post. Click the Edit link to modify or delete it, or start a new post. If you like, use this post to tell readers why you started this blog and what you plan to do with it.

Happy blogging!

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